Lip Tie / Tongue Tie

A gentle chiropractic adjustment before a lip tie / tongue tie procedure can help relieve tight muscles in the neck that can prevent your care provider from accessing all of the tethered oral tissues they're aiming to release. Imagine placing a mint under your tongue and talking the entire day- your neck muscles will tighten up, your jaw will get sore, you may experience headaches and other muscular compensations. That's how it feels for a little one with a tongue tie. Chiropractic care can help by relieving the tension in the neck, face, and jaw area and allow your child to heal with as much relaxation as possible.

It is recommended that you bring them back in about a week after their procedure so we can be sure all muscles stay loose and that spinal alignment is correct as they're getting used to their new tongue movement and muscle tone.

"I brought my daughter to Dr. Sarah following a lip and tongue tie revision. Not only did her adjustment allow my infant more mobility of her newly released tongue, but also released tension she had in her neck and lower body from delivery. Dr. Sarah is very knowledgeable and throughly answered any questions I had. Thank you, Dr. Sarah!"


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