Are You a "Mystery"?


Many of our patients have been on a roller coaster of both traditional and alternative treatments with no success. In most cases, there was one of two outcomes:

1. They were told they have unexplained symptoms that need to be treated to find relief.

2.. They were told their tests were inconclusive and there was no reason for their symptoms.

Has this been your experience? Was there a point you may have felt like you were going crazy? Were you really a medical mystery? Treating symptoms is NOT a successful way to find health. Imagine you were to let your child play in a yard full of poison ivy only to apply ointment to their painful rashes. The next day the same are doing nothing more than chasing the wind. Unless you stop your child from contact with what is CAUSING the rash, he will continue to suffer regardless of how much ointment you apply.

This brings us to you. If you have been suffering from symptoms that interfere with your life, only to take handfuls of supplements or medications and continue to decline in health, you need to "get out of the poison ivy." Let's find out WHY you have the symptoms you do and develop a plan together that will finally help your body start to repair itself and bring you true, lasting relief from your symptoms.

Even if you have had countless tests with no answers, we assure you, you CAN find the cause and begin to feel a difference in possibly just a few weeks!

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