Pregnancy Chiropractic Care

Chiropractic Care During Pregnancy

Chiropractic care for expectant moms is a safe way to decrease the pains of pregnancy and help reduce labor times. As your baby grows, the center of pressure in your hips and pelvis changes. Your body naturally alters your biomechanics to compensate for the new life inside of you, which can cause discomfort in the low back, hips, pubic area, or anywhere else in the spine. If decreased movement and function occur, unwanted processes can take place including pain, disease, and difficult labor. Dr. Sarah utilizes gentle spinal alignment techniques along with soft tissue and ligament release to help restore function and movement to the spine and allow your body to work at its optimum potential.

The Webster Technique

The Webster Technique is a unique way to correct misalignments in the pelvis, sacrum, and spine. This technique also helps release ligaments and soft tissue that can keep your hips out of alignment. The round ligaments connect to the uterus and help stabilize its position in the pelvis during pregnancy. These ligaments can spasm, change the shape of the uterus, and decrease the amount of space the baby has to grow, move, and develop. When spasm or tightness occurs in these and other stabilizing ligaments, baby will be forced to move into positions that aren't always best for vaginal birth or mom's comfort. This sub-optimal baby position can cause spinal misalignments, decreased function and range of motion, and can stress the entire hip complex. Addressing spinal alignment along with soft tissue release can decrease discomfort and allow your baby to be in the safest birthing position possible.

Chiropractic Is Safe for Newborns

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"I was 34 weeks when we found out our baby was breech. I was told that if she didn't flip by 38 weeks, we'd have to schedule a c-section! My midwife recommended Dr. Sarah and, after 5 adjustments, not only were my round ligaments pain-free and my lower back pain was gone, but my baby was flipped head-down how she was supposed to be! Dr. Sarah is very personable and easy-going, and the atmosphere in the office is relaxed and quiet! Loved it!"

~ A.C.

"Dr. Sarah is nothing short of a miracle worker! I began seeing her when I was 28 weeks pregnant for extreme upper back pain that kept me up at night, within 2 visits the pain was completely gone and has never come back! When I was 32 weeks pregnant, our baby was in a transverse-lie position and if by my 36th week he didn't turn head down, I'd need to have an ECV. I scheduled an appointment to see Dr. Sarah on the Thursday of my 33rd week, and 4 days later, baby turned head down in the right position ! I'd also been having some bad sciatic nerve pain for a couple of weeks, which she was able to fix within a couple of visits. I plan on continuing to see her until baby is born and after, it's been worth every single penny! She's so knowledgeable about pregnancy and babies, and has such an awesome warm and friendly personality too. She's clearly passionate about what she does and the best chiropractor I've ever been to!""


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