Functional Nutrition


"Let food be thy medicine..." ~Hippocrates

We are what we eat, and that has unfortunately started to haunt many of us trying to get back on the path to wellness. Years of improper food choices, limited options for quality nutrition, and problems controlling the amount of food we eat ("portion distortion") can result in disease and health issues beyond what most people recognize.

All of the natural processes inside of you can change based on the fuel you feed your body. This can cause both negative and positive health consequences which can be overwhelming to handle on your own.

Whether you've tried gluten-free, paleo, keto, AIP, or are new to all of this, let one of our doctors help you use the incredible power of nutrition to heal your body. We can find out exactly where you're starting on your health journey and help you come up with a realistic path to reach your end health goals.


"A friend referred me to Dr. Brian when multiple general practitioners and dermatologists could not give me answers about my increasing hair loss. Dr. Brian did something no one else had done: listen to me and try to figure out the big picture of what was going on with my health. When I came to see him, I had about 40% hair loss on my scalp, as well as other skin issues, blood sugar problems and underlying anxiety. Six months later, my hair has almost completely come back and both my mental and physical health are normalizing. So thankful for Brian and Sarah's kindness and sincere desire to help. It has been an excellent investment in my health, with positive repercussions in my family and the rest of life."


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